Wedding services


Flowers have been an indispensable part of every wedding celebration since time immemorial. Generally, they add a festive and fabulously romantic atmosphere to the wedding and deepen the aesthetic impression of the photographs.

Share with us about your favorite color, smell and the kind of flowers and let everything else be on us ... We advise you with the design and shape of the bouquet to match your dresses and we will design it to be the icing on the cake of your perfect look.

What do you need?
Wedding bouquet for brides, flowers for bridesmaids and a small flower in the pocket of the groom's jacket, decoration for the interior and for the wedding board, decoration for carriages, myrts or wreaths. Smaller flowers should have the female half of the parent couples, the witness, grandmothers.

Music and entertainment

Live band or DJ, with or without sound, choose a suitable genre for a ceremony, for a feast, for a dance floor dance - we'll be happy to help!

We will provide you with a harpist, violinist or even a whole quartet that will make your ceremony unforgettable...

You can rely on us during lunch or dinner...

And finally, we wake up and shake the whole floor up to the morning...

Wedding invitations
and stationery

Formal, original, humorous, papier, plastic, 3D - have you chosen?

Yes, the speech is not only about the wedding announcement, but also about the overall look of the prints that you can use during the planning and the wedding ...:

... to tell your guests the most beautiful day of your life to tell them where and when the wedding takes place to know where to sit at the wedding table, what they taste for the menu that day, and last but not least, to thank them later for their participation ...

Choose how your wedding looks "on paper" ... from the catalog or with our graphic designer you will create a unique style that will be your only!

Wedding cakes
and cookies

Wedding cake is often the pinnacle of the whole night. Thanks to the availability of the various ingredients and the skill of our confectioner you can afford to invent the craziest cake and your wish will be fulfilled! From colors, shapes, sizes, flavors, coatings or decorations - imagination does not fit into the boundaries - a unique piece of work will always be created, after which it is just dusted!

For your guests we prepare homemade sweets, cakes and recipes inspired by both classic Czech and international cuisine...

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